Prepare Our Generation

some episode of my life in this month made me focus about our generation.

I’ve never thought about my future before, especially ‘marriage’. Marriage is not only about have a friend to do anything or just having fun but to create the best generation to continue our duty, dakwah. It’s a serious thing, we have to prepare many things so we can do it well.

First, start from mother. All women have to keep their health and take care their child. why? bcoz moslem should be health, strong, and smart. Alleviate junk food and consume some vitamins, improve the skill on sport, and read some books or anything to increase knowledge.

Second, Father should take a part in family. Some people think that housework is a women’s task, it’s a mistake, all of us have each part at home. Child’s education, even housework should done by all family member, help each other is an important thing to do to show our love to family.

Third, make a plan about education.

to be continue ^^


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